About me:

I have some formal qualifications and lots of practical experience as a Psychologist. Here is a general outline of my career to date.

  • Graduated from Sydney University BA MA (Psych)
  • Psychologist at St Vincents Hospital Sydney
  • Psychologist at Langton Clinic in Surry Hills specialising in substance abuse
  • Qualitative Researcher in the private sector
  • Strengthsfinder® Coach and Trainer – Gallup Consulting
  • Strategic Consultant – Psychological Wellbeing in the workplace
I am also:

An addictions counsellor, I am familiar with, and supportive of 12 step programs and can integrate this approach into counselling.

A Gallup trained Strengthsfinder® Coach. The Strengthsfinder® assessment of natural talent has been taken by millions of people around the world to understand their own style and what they do best. It is extremely useful in understanding the personality traits that got you where you are, and identifying how to move forward in a way that works for who you are. For the Strengths-minded people out there, my Top Five Strengths are: Input . Connectedness, Communication . Strategic. Individualization.

An accredited Focusing Trainer. Focusing is a process of inward attention based on the pioneering work of Dr Gene Gendelin, into the conditions that create therapeutic change. Here is a link for the interested. Link to focusing.org

To summarise, I focus on the application of psychology and coaching to fulfill personal potential and create a life that you are happy with. My belief is that although talking through issues is necessary, taking supported and logical action steps is where real change happens.

Anita Alexander