Coaching Psychology

Do you know what you want, want it a lot, but your efforts aren’t getting you there?

Do you have behaviour and thinking patterns that don’t make you happy

Are things generally fine, except for that one or two things that you can’t seem to shift or change?

Do you have a clear goal and just need some time and space to figure out how to get there?

Coaching Psychology will identify the issue, clarify your thoughts and feelings harness the will to move toward your goals, and resolve barriers to change.

Available in person or by phone / Skype

Decision Coaching

One-session decision coaching to get clear on your next step
Sometimes there is no need to start ‘seeing a counsellor’.
Sometimes all we need is to make a decision NOW (or very soon).

A one hour phone / in person decision coaching session will clarify:

  • the reality of your situation
  • the  fears that are blocking clear thinking
  • your options
  • the path that feels right and makes sense

Clifton Strengthsfinder® Coaching

Would you like to know what your natural strengths are? The things that you do best and which you can consciously apply to any situation in your life.

The Strengthsfinder assessment of talent is a well-validated tool used by over 10 million people worldwide. It is economical, practical and very effective. Just one hour coaching with me after you take the assessment will give you:

  • a clear understanding of what you do best
  • at least three practical steps you can take to improve ANY situation in your life
  • a change in perspective from looking at what you do wrong to what you do right.

Supervision for Provisional Psychologists

As a Registered Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia, I proved supervision for Provisional Psychologists.

As part of the supervision process I will help you understand your natural strengths and how to best apply these to casework and your day-to-day work. You will finish supervision with me with a clear understanding of:

  • your own natural style
  • any weaknesses that you need to manage
  • practical approaches to ethical and professional issues in your workplace
  • strategies to deliver the best possible service to your clients.

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